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create:fixate los angeles

this is an art show i'll be participatig in this weekend...check it out...say hello...


Create:Fixate's All-Photography Show

when: Sat 7.16 (7pm-2am)
where: Spring Arts Tower (453 S Spring St, 323.466.5141) map
price: $10 / $7 before 9pm / Free from 4-7pm
links: Event Info | Create:Fixate

For its second annual all-photography show, the innovative art exhibit and party known as Create:Fixate digs into the medium's vast versatility. With work ranging from the haunting nighttime landscapes of Craig Havens to the playful documentary images of Jamie Trueblood (who shot stills for Lords of Dogtown), the 28 photographers in the show reveal and reflect, startle and repulse — sometimes all with the same image. Alongside DJ'd beats and bleeps, tonight's musical lineup features wiry post-punk group the Transmissions, a promising Los Angeles trio that's been busy gathering critical comparisons to Modest Mouse and Blonde Redhead. (PJ)
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sufi poets, whitetrash senseis, and suburban cult leaders

"Pre-emptive Strike"

Imagine a thousand squadron of Iranian
Air Force jets flying low over New York,
Atlanta, and Cedar Rapids.
Over the Napa Valley and Crawford, Texas.
Persian Stealth bombers flying low
under the radar, dropping a million
copies of Hafiz, on America, simply for love.
- Joe Zarantonello

joe zarantonello or mr. z as i grew up knowing him has been an important teacher on my spiritual path...he currently runs a spiritual retreat in the woods of kentucky...learn more about him here: ...and buy a copy of his poetry book...only a few pages in and i had tears in my bamboo is the title...the product of thirty years of meditation

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inner guru...outer space

 "We are not exactly what we think we are, which, I think, is where it starts to get interesting. Then, what are we? Who are we? We might turn the searchlight inward and start to find out a little bit, come home, and make ourselves at home, here in this universe, instead of acting like disenfranchised aliens, strangers in a strange land." - lama surya das (a.k.a. LSD) 

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invisible college

what i'd like to do is set up a fund for artists who contribute to enlightentainment in some way...provide the space and tools...even the living quarters on the art colony grounds...artists could apply for a space or sponsorship of their project...and in return would contribute artwork to enlightentainment...which would promote the artist as well...

integral art is collaborative by it recognizes in each of our individual art projects the contributions of so many artists around us...

martial arts is the most integral of arts...and as a physical practice way more challenging than that wimpy weightlifting crap...
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When we practice, initially, as a basis we control ourselves, stopping the bad actions which hurt others as much as we can. This is defensive. After that, when we develop certain qualifications, then as an active goal we should help others. In the first stage, sometimes we need isolation while pursuing our own inner development; however, after you have some confidence, some strength, you must remain with, contact, and serve society in any field -- health, education, politics, or whatever.

There are people who call themselves religious-minded, trying to show this by dressing in a peculiar manner, maintaining a peculiar way of life, and isolating themselves from the rest of society. That is wrong. A scripture of mind-purification (mind-training) says, "Transform your inner viewpoint, but leave your external appearance as it is." This is important. Because the very purpose of practicing the Great Vehicle is service for others, you should not isolate yourselves from society. In order to serve, in order to help, you must remain in society.

-- by His Holiness the Dalai Lama from The Dalai Lama, A Policy of Kindness, published by Snow Lion Publications
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chogyam trungpa:

As far as Buddha was concerned, at that point [of his enlightenment] it was
not the message but the implications that were more important. And as
followers of Buddha, we have this approach, which is the idea of
vipashyana, literally meaning "insight." Insight is relating not only with
what you see but also with the implications of it, the totality of the
space and objects around it. Breath is the object of meditation, but the
environment around the breath is also part of the meditative situation.

From "The Way of the Buddha" in THE MYTH OF FREEDOM.